Zombie Loan Review

September 2, 2007 at 4:30 pm (airviper, Reviews)

Zombies, but unfortunately no brains…

So on a whim I decided to start downloading this.  And I must say it’s quite enjoyable so far, and Jae keeps asking me if I downloaded the next episode.  Zombie Loan is about well, two high school boys with a special part time job with the Z-Loan office.  This part time job, however, is to go around killing zombies to pay off their debt.  The two boys, Chika and Shito, were involved in an accident six months ago where over 20 people died and they are the only survivors.  They are in fact actually dead, but made a contract with the Ferryman to take a loan so they may become human again.  The only way they can pay off this loan is by killing other zombies.  I guess the story is “really” about a girl named Michiru (because episodes revolve around her for the most part) who posses the eyes of a Shinigami.  Michiru has the ability to see the rings around people’s necks that Shinigami use to kill people.  The blacker the ring the closer to death the person is, and if the ring is pitch black the person is a zombie.  It’s quite funny and does have a good bit of blood and guts, and there is an episode where some goes around killing people with a chainsaw.  Chainsaws…  This all sounds good, but there is one little catch for Chika and Shito.  When the Ferryman brought them from the dead, he accidentally switched their right hands.  The only way for the two to create their weapons they use to fight is to switch hands, but they can only have their original hands for about one hour.  If they also get too far apart the hand will start to rot off.

Even though there are only 9 episodes out so far I think this would be pretty good to watch in October if we have a Halloween themed night.  I almost forgot to mention this, but now there is some underground Chinese organization threatening the Z-Loan office.  I am a sucker for some Shounen stuff and this does fall in the category.  It’s still early in the series and there appears to be more behind Shito.  I’m actually more interested in Shito’s “dark past” (I say this because the Chinese dudes are after him) and can’t wait to see how that develops in the upcoming episodes.

I give Zombie Loan a 4/5 .

Enjoy the reviews while they last everyone because after this Friday there is no telling when I’ll have the time to write more.


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  1. littleconqueror said,

    No brains! NOOOOO!

    We will be having a halloween themed night near surprisingly Halloween, but we plan on showing movies for the night.

    We WILL though be showing Zombie Loan as a one-shot in October! The schedule is almost finished, just some details being fleshed out for our weekly meetings. So huzzah! Watch out for it!

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